Filmmaking collaborations across borders in a dangerous world

20 november 2021
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

How can documentary producers and industry creators cooperate with filmmakers in countries where it is dangerous to make films and there is a real threat of political prosecution for their work? How can setting up film collectives and international advocacy networks offer support? And how can the filmmaker’s safety be ensured, their identity kept anonymous, while nurturing creativity through long-distance online collaboration and eventually producing high quality creative films?

In this panel talk, we focus on two case studies of films premiering at IDFA this year, exploring political but also very practical ways to offer support. Amsterdam-based documentary studio ZINDOC has joined with young anonymous filmmakers to establish the Myanmar Film Collective and to collaborate on film projects through workshops and production to realize their films. Russian filmmaker Nina Guseva joins the conversation to discuss security while making IDFA world premiere The Case.

Speakers: Nina Guseva (dir The Case, RU), Bo Thet Htun (cinematographer, Letter to San Zaw Htway, TH), Petr Lom (dir. Letter to San Zaw Htway, NL) and Corinne van Egeraat (prod. Letter to San Zaw Htway, NL).
Moderator: Margje de Koning (Artistic Director Movies that Matter)

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