Go Short Industry Keynote & Panel ‘The Reality of Virtual Festival Experiences’

23 april 2021
11:00 AM - 1:15 PM

In this session we’ll explore the future role of virtual reality storytelling and technology on film festivals. The Covid-pandemic pushed many festivals into the realm of virtual festival experiences. Before there was virtual reality content on film festivals, now the film festival’s content was in virtual reality. What is the effect of this phenomenon in the, hopefully Covid-free, future? Will the potential of presenting festivals on online, interactive platforms be further developed? And what does this mean for the evolution of VR as an artistic and storytelling medium?

Two experts from the field of VR and film festivals will shed their light on this topic and paint a picture of how the future might look like. They will reflect on the role of virtual reality on film festivals in the year 2030 and the effect this will have on the audience’s festival experience.

Following the two keynotes on the future impact of VR on film festivals there will be several round table discussions further digging in to this subject. Topics will include: challenges of curating VR-content on your festival; chances of survival for 360-cinema; combining the virtual and the physical in your hybrid festival; outreach mechanisms for independent content creators. Changes and additions will be updated regularly. Grab a (virtual) chair and join the discussion!

This session is part of the program Insiders Insights, part of THIS IS SHORT. The program is supported by Creative Europe: MEDIA Desk NL.

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