Innovations in (online) distribution – revisited

21 november 2021
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

How will online distribution models evolve now that cinemas are open again? Can online and theatrical distribution models coexist and even expand in a mutually creative partnership? What did the past year’s experiences teach us about the change in current and future audiences? How sustainable are online festivals , VOD, hybrid formats and the varied changes in windowing and rights and how have filmmakers been affected by the industry’s accelerated turn towards virtual exhibition?

Following up on our industry talk in 2020, then in response to the major changes and challenges in distribution caused by COVID-19, this talk will draw on the past year’s lessons and concentrate on the effects online screenings have had on traditional forms of theatrical releases, filmmaking and distribution, to identify positive and negative outcomes. How did festivals change through online exhibition and how did this, in turn, influence their traditional roles as locally driven events and presenters of film work? How did VOD platforms further the creative discourse and the economics? Have online film markets successfully replaced physical exchanges in industry decision-making regarding funding and distribution of new work?

Speakers: Anke van Diejen (Picl, NL), Eve Gabereau (Modern Films, UK) and Elissa Federoff (NEON, USA – joining remotely through zoom)
Moderator: Wendy Bernfeld (Rights Stuff, NL)

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