MtM Panel & Q&A: Stop Filming Us Again

23 april 2021
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In the film Stop Filming Us (2020), Dutch filmmaker Joris Postema followed three young Congolese photographers and filmmakers who wanted to capture their own reality of the DRC and its inhabitants. He asked himself whether he – as a Western filmmaker – can paint an honest picture of this reality. Isn’t he reproducing the Western image of Africa again?

In the webinar Stop Filming Us Again we go further where Postema’s film ends, and we ask how we can change the perspective on Africa. Using a new montage of Joris’ material by one of the film’s main characters, Ganza Buroko, and a preview of Bernadette Vivuya‘s documentary Reflections on Colonization, we explore how things can be done differently. How do we broaden our view of Africa and give African makers control over their own imagination?

Do you also have an opinion on the representation of Africa? Have a say in this webinar.

With amongst others: filmmakers Ganza Buroko and Bernadette Vivuya (DRC), Angélique Mbundu (iAfrica Film Festival) and director Joris Postema.

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