MtM Webinar: Medialab Camp Moria

24 april 2021
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Saturday 24th of April Movies that Matter is honoured to host Douglas Herman and Sonia Nandzik, founders of Re-FOCUS Medialab. They will speak about their film school in Camp Moria.

A short film by Katja Riemann will be shown, as well as other short films made by film students living in Camp Moria. Film and visual storytelling have the power to keep the world informed, to make sure Moria is not forgotten and to educate the outside world on the role they can play.

The afternoon will also include a conversation between film students of Camp Moria, new comers in The Netherlands working in the film industry and Dennis Overeem (Buddy Film Foundation). Anyone working in the film industry is welcome to join the conversation through the Q&A chat function.

Moderator: Margje de Koning. 

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