Opening the box with the documentary “Society&Culture” Dpt in Arte France

23 november 2021
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Arte is a European cultural platform and broadcaster that offers programs in six languages through its linear and non-linear channels. The Arte group’s mission is to present European and worldwide talents and relevant programs to a European audience.
Is the “Society & Culture” department the go-to place for all feature-length film projects in the market? Are we interested in documentaries about contemporary history? How is the program grid organized and how do we define thematics such as “society”, “culture” and “investigation”? Does the unit coproduce films intended for theatrical release? And what is our non-linear policy? Questions that might seem basic, but are nonetheless crucial, that will structure this session intended as a dynamic outreach to forge new bonds as well as strengthen those already in place. The “Society and Culture” department believes its mission is to embrace the complexity and nuances of our contemporary world mired in instability and mediate them by multiplying singular, subjective perspectives.

Speakers: Alexandre Marionneau (Head of Int. Copro) and Fabrice Puchault (Head of the Department Society & Culture).

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