Submit your film for Shortcutz Best Dutch Films

18 juni 2021
English, Nederlands
Shortcutz is searching for the best Dutch short films!
[YOUR ATTENTION] Shortcutz has made some changes to their submission rules. They are now accepting short films:
  • with less than 20 minutes in length: can be 20 minutes + credits
  • produced in the last 12 months to the date of the submission
  • related to the Netherlands: Director or Producer must be from the NL or living in the Netherlands for more than 5 years or have an NL production company.
  • directed by an up-and-coming filmmaker: before the first feature film (more than 70 minutes)
  • accepted genres: live-action, animation, documentary and experimental films
The DEADLINE for the 2nd submission period is JUNE 18. We are now programming for our sessions in October 2021.
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