Support for Dutch cultural initiatives in Mexico

20 april 2021
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Professional cultural organizations/artists from the Netherlands aiming to develop or promote cultural projects in Mexico can apply for funding from the Dutch Embassy in Mexico. Applications can be submitted for any relevant activities that are scheduled to take place in 2021. Mexican cultural organizations that are providing a – digital or physical – platform for Dutch artists or designers are also welcome to apply.

How to apply for funding

Applications for a contribution from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico must be sent to MEX-PCZ@minbuza.nl by 20 April 2021.

Applications must include a detailed description of the planned activity, including the date(s) and location(s) or digital platform(s) of the activity. They must also contain a full and detailed budget of all costs involved.

The Dutch Embassy in Mexico can provide contributions of up to €15,000 EUR per project.

Criteria for funding

  • The activity takes place in Mexico (physically or virtually for the Mexican public) in 2021.
  • The activity is yet to take place. Funding cannot be granted once the activity has started or after the activity has already taken place.
  • The activity will preferably lay foundations for a long-term exchange between Mexican and Dutch cultural professionals.
  • In the application it needs to be substantiated how the activity helps promote Dutch art/culture in Mexico and how it contributes towards the artistic/professional development of the Dutch artist(s)/designer(s).

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