VERS x Go Short: Directing Non-Professional Actors

25 maart 2021
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
5,- (gratis voor leden)

Every director wants the best possible performance in their film. But quality is not always defined by professionalism. Untrained actors can add something special and authentic to the role they’re playing. And since short films are usually produced with lots of passion but low budgets, it sounds interesting to cast non-professional actors, that are more affordable than their experienced colleagues. In this panel we talk to directors that have casted and worked with first time actors about their experiences.


  • Aslak Danbolt, director of Mamma (Norway, 2021, 15′), part of Go Short Euopean Competition
  • Elsa Rosengren, director of I Want to Return Return Return (Germany, 2020, 30′), part of Go Short Student Competition
  • Marieke Elzerman, director of Come Here (Netherlands, Belgium, 2020, 26′), part of Go Short Dutch Competition.

Note: The short films MammaI Want to Return Return Return and Come Here will be available for the participants from thursday morning, 25 March. A protected screener link will be sent via email.

– Regular tickets are € 5,- (+ service costs) and are available via Eventbrite.

– Free for VERS members. Please fill in your membernumber on the Eventbrite reservationform.


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